What you need to know about aggregate recycling

Allied Plant is a family run business that is proud to support civil engineering and construction companies. One way that we do this is with our aggregate recycling. We tailor each service to the client’s needs. Thanks to this approach, we have many happy clients who come to us each time they need help.

Most consumers and businesses are now focusing more on the environment. As a result, there is more pressure to use substances from sustainable sources. One of the best examples here would be aggregates. Using recycled materials is very popular right now. They have become a good alternative to new ones for many projects. In the UK, we use around 200 million tonnes of aggregate each year. Of this roughly 57 million is from recycled goods, but that number is growing.

What are they?

You may not fully understand what recycled aggregates are. To put it simply, we make them by reprocessing the waste left over from construction projects and from demolition work. Said substances include asphalt, crushed stone, gravel, concrete, and sand. The reprocessing includes crushing and then mixing materials. This is to make certain they meet the legal requirements. As a result they don’t require any virgin materials.


Bigger pieces of aggregate are good for many kinds of general bulk fills. You can also use it as fill or base for road construction and drainage structures.

People also remove contaminates from the aggregate. They do so using a procedure of size reduction, air separation, and screening. Once this is over, you can use the aggregate for many more applications. These include bridge foundations, curbing and pavements.

Talk to us about aggregate recycling

At Allied Plant, we know the importance of being reliable and flexible in our industry. They go a long way to ensuring customer satisfaction. Thanks to our aggregate recycling facility, we can dispose of unwanted earth, concrete, and stone.

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