Top tips if you are thinking of plant hire

If you are taking on any kind of construction, demolition or civil engineering job, it is likely you are thinking about plant hire. It is usually the best way to gain access to all of the equipment and vehicles you need. However, you need to ensure you choose the right service. Allied Plant can help. We offer lots of advice and have our own fleet of excavators, tippers, grabs, crushers, and bulk haulage vehicles.

Your needs

Before you commit to hiring any plant you should try to get a full idea of your needs. Think about the project, what kind of machinery you need, and the specifics like power, capacity, and attachments. Once you have all the details you can choose suitable equipment. This will help you to avoid hiring the wrong things and incurring the costs and delays.


When you know what you need, it is time to hire it. You might think this will be easy but it can get tricky. Firstly you must find a hire company that has the plant you need. Then you have to ensure they can get it to you on the right day. It is better to plan ahead here, especially with popular types of plant. The last thing you want to find is that all the equipment is unavailable because of advance bookings.


It is also vital that you choose a plant hire company that can address the logistics. Some sites are tricky to get to and have access issues. You want a company that can deliver the plant on time and place it where you want it on site.


Due to the nature of the plant and the jobs they are used for, equipment can break down. You need to ensure you are hiring from a reliable company that takes good care of their fleet. It is also important they will be on hand to help if there are issues.

Do you want to arrange reliable plant hire?

Allied Plant is a company with an excellent reputation. We have a great fleet and take care to service everything. In addition, we give our clients even more peace of mind by offering a 24 hour call out service. That means we can visit sites quickly if there are issues.

So, if you want plant hire for any kind of project, contact us to learn more about the specific machines and vehicles we have.