Top excavation tips to maximise safety

Most construction projects will require some kind of excavation. It could be a simple trench or a complex dig to find bedrock or level off a site. In either case it is important to keep an eye on safety. There are a number of things you can do to make sure your work can progress safely.

Marking off the dig

One thing you should never do is simply hire an excavator and start digging. That could cause all kinds of issues, including damaging utilities or going over boundaries.

What you should begin by doing is marking the site correctly. You should mark each boundary and the locations where you need to excavate. You can then ask the utility companies to check and make sure there are no pipes or lines where you will dig.

Your markings will also be very useful when you start the excavation. They can help you to dig straight lines and accurate trenches. You can also visualise the work so you don’t accidentally end up getting your excavator stuck.


Using an excavator on an uneven surface is very dangerous. It could cause the machinery to unbalance and even tip over. This in turn could result in serious injury, risking the wellbeing of the operator as well as other workers in the area.

To avoid the problem you should always ensure the ground is level before you begin working. To do this you can use a laser to make sure the surface is even.

Rely on professionals to do the excavation

The best safety tip we can offer is hire an expert to do the job for you. This will always be better than a DIY job, even if it is only a small one. Experts will have the right training and experience. They will also be comfortable in control of the excavators. That can mean both a safer project and better results.

If you decide to call on professionals, Allied Plant can help. We offer reliable services for projects varying in size and complexity. Every single client can rely on us to set high standards and deliver great value.