Three top tips for bulk haulage

Whether it is a construction or demolition project, you will likely need some form of bulk haulage service. It could be to deliver aggregates or remove waste from the site. Either way, you must choose the right service. We can provide this for you. Allied Plant is a leader in our industry and can arrange the most efficient solutions. We have a huge fleet of vehicles to cater for any needs.

When you consider this kind of service, there are three crucial things to think about.

1) The type of load

A good understanding of the load is vital. You need to know what type of materials it will be, the weight, and what kind of handling method will be necessary. The latter is very important as there are some materials that will need to be in bags whereas others can be loose. There are also some regulations and restrictions, including rules about hauling soils that may have some form of contamination. The more you know about the load, the easier it will be to choose an effective service.

2) The type of vehicle

There are lots of options for haulage vehicles. What you need to do is find the right one for you, ensuring it has enough weight capacity. The vehicle must also suit the requirements of your project. For example, will it be manoeuvrable enough to move around the site? You will also want to look at the price

3) Loading and unloading

It is also a good idea to consider how you will load and unload the vehicle. Do you need a tipper truck that will be able to deposit your aggregate on the site? You may even need a tipper grab to help with the loading. This can be useful if you don’t have other loading equipment on the site.

Talk to us to arrange bulk haulage

Allied Plant is proud to support clients with an array of different projects. Our goal is to be as flexible as you need us to be while also providing great value for money. You can even ask us for advice if you are unsure what kind of vehicle or service to choose.

So, get in touch today if you need to arrange any kind of bulk haulage. We guarantee every client will get the perfect service.