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Road safety with Goxhill school children

Getting hands-on with road safety

Practical advice for Goxhill primary school children.

We take safety on our project very seriously, and this extends to the communities impacted by our work.  Traffic can be dangerous and construction traffic has its unique challenges – from decreased visibility to longer stopping distances.  To improve the students awareness and safety on the roads, we invited pupils from Goxhill and New Holland Primary Schools to our Goxhill site to get practical advice on how to be safe on the roads and get up close and personal with a heavy goods vehicle (HGV).

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Goxhill pipeline project

Digging deep in Goxhill

How we handled 200,000 tonnes of excavated tunnel material.

Our project involved the construction of a tunnel approximately five kilometres in length and four metres in diameter. The tunneling process produced some 200,000 tonnes of material (known as “arisings”), that had to be taken off site.

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