Aggregate supplies

Should you use virgin or recycled aggregates?

Whatever construction project you have in mind, it is vital you choose the right materials. They can have an effect on many things, from the quality of the structure to the impact on the environment. As a top provider of aggregate supplies, we can help clients to choose the right type. We can then arrange to supply everything they need.

One of the most important decisions each client needs to make is whether to use virgin aggregate or recycled materials. They have unique benefits so it is a good idea to look at both before you commit.

What is the difference?

Virgin aggregates are new and tend to come directly from the mine or quarry. Recycled ones on the other hand are made using existing materials. They could come from the demolition of a building or waste concrete that was not necessary for a project.

Many people think that virgin aggregate is better in terms of the performance. However, any aggregates that are good quality will be just as strong and durable even after recycling.

The big differences between the two tend to be the environmental impact and cost. Using existing materials rather than new ones can be better in terms of the carbon footprint. This is because you save the substances from landfill and avoid the energy it takes to mine and refine new materials.

A number of things can affect the cost of aggregates. However, in many cases recycled ones tend to be the most cost effective. What you need to think about is things like the delivery costs. It may be cheaper to use virgin aggregate from a local supplier rather than recycled ones from further afield. In addition, consider the weight of the materials.

Talk to us about aggregate supplies

Allied Plant Ltd is a reputable business with a huge amount of experience in our industry. As a result, we can guarantee that every single client will receive the best level of service. We can source high quality virgin aggregates and have our own E.A. Permitted Recycling Facility to recycle materials. We ensure all recycled aggregates are tested to ensure they meet the UK and EU standards.

So, if you are looking for aggregate supplies for a project, contact us. We can guide you, offering suggestions, quotes, and more.