Popular aggregates and their uses

Choosing the right aggregate supplies is very important if you want your project to be a success. You must ensure the materials are the right quality and also suitable for your needs. Below is a bit more info about some of the most common aggregates as well as details of what kind of projects they are useful for.

Crushed concrete

This is one of the most popular options. It is typically waste concrete from demolition projects or material left over from construction work. There are various types, mostly depending on the size of the granules. The aggregates can be used for a lot of applications, such as sub bases for roads as well as backfills and over site fills.


If you need a tougher material then gravel could be perfect for you. Again there are various types based on the size of the grains. There are options suitable for garden paths, driveways, and pipe bedding.

Type 1 MOT

This is also known as hardcore. It is an approved sub base material for the Ministry of Transport that can be limestone, concrete, granite, or even grit sand. It is useful for sub bases for paths, driveways, and more.


If you want a coarse aggregate this could be the best option. It is usually crushed stone but may also be burnt clay and other materials. Ballasts are suitable for major footings and infrastructure. You can also use them for driveways, paths, and filling gaps in hardcore.


Another material you may need is topsoil. There are lots of options here, including standard and premium options, enriched soils, and turfing soil. You can use these materials for various landscaping projects. The latter is a good base for turf.

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