Do you need a 360 degree excavator?

Using the right plant can provide many benefits on construction, demolition, and civil engineering projects. One place where this is clear is with excavation. Here a single excavator and operator can move more earth, aggregate and heavy objects than labourers could manage. If you are thinking of using this kind of machinery, you need to know what type will be best for you. Then you can choose the right kind of plant hire.

What is a 360 degree excavator?

In terms of excavators, this is the most popular model. You can find them on almost every kind of project because they offer the most flexibility and manoeuvrability. They have the freedom to rotate a full 360 degrees on the platform. As a result they can reduce the need to reposition the plant and the time it takes to do so.

A 360 degree excavator is able to handle a whole array of different needs. For example you could use one to dig foundations or trenches for laying pipe. In addition, people use them for things like dredging rivers, moving aggregate, mining, forestry, and demolition. Many users rely on the excavators for several different stages of a project.

The excavators can vary in a number of ways. Some have tracks whereas others have wheels. You need to think about this so you choose the right option for your site. The last thing you want is for the plant to arrive only for it to get stuck. You also need to ensure you consider the weight and lifting capacity.

Talk to us about plant hire

Every project is different but will benefit from choosing the right plant. We can help, offering hire services for things like 360 degree excavators, tippers and grabs, and even mobile crushers. In addition, we provide bulk haulage and other services to make us a one stop shop for many clients.

So, if you want reliable plant hire services, contact Allied Plant today. We can offer self drive services or provide qualified operators.