Careful planning with bulk haulage

Good planning is absolutely crucial if you want to be successful with bulk haulage. A lot could go wrong and cause huge issues. For example there may be restrictions on roads or access limits at sites. It is vital to plan for things like this to make the job as smooth and safe as possible.

Think about the route

One of the most crucial areas where you need to do some planning is plotting the route. There could be a number of issues here. Most importantly some routes may be unavailable for large, heavy bulk haulage vehicles. This includes narrow roads, residential areas, and bridges. You may need to plot alternative routes to avoid these, especially if there are restrictions.

It is also important to think about any points on a route where the vehicles will need to pass under bridges. There will be height limitations here. You have to observe these and make sure your vehicle will be able to safely pass under when it is loaded. Failing to do this and striking the bridge would cause a huge accident.


Another vital detail to plan for is site access. The haulage provider must ensure that they will be able to actually get a vehicle on and off sites. They will also need to think about how they can negotiate any obstacles that could be in the way. This includes tight corners, places where there may not be a proper road surface, and any locations where the vehicle will be near people, plant, materials, and infrastructure.

Come to us for reliable bulk haulage

At Allied Plant we take the time to plan each job with care. We are vigilant here because we don’t want to rush in and encounter any issues. That can result in problems for us, our clients, and other stakeholders too.

So, if you need a professional service you can rely on, choose us. We have a great fleet of vehicles and experts who can plan everything. We also offer solutions to suit many needs, from delivering aggregates to collecting materials from sites.