Are tipper grabs better than skips?

Waste management can be a big challenge on all kinds of sites. It is unwise to simply let materials build up. This is unsafe, can harm the environment, and could even delay projects until it is cleared. In many cases people will look to use a skip. However, tipper grabs can be a more efficient option for lots of projects.

What is a tipper grab?

This is a vehicle that combines the features of a tipper lorry with a hydraulic grabbing arm. As a result you can feasibly have two vehicles in one. They come in various sizes too, from four to eight wheel trucks.


While skips can be perfectly fine for many projects, tipper grabs offer a number of benefits.

Firstly, the vehicle does not need to remain on site. They can arrive, pick up waste, fill the truck, and then leave. That means you don’t need to dedicate any space for a skip. If it is a small site or you need to keep it open, the vehicles are a great option.

Secondly, a tipper grab requires less labour and is far safer. All it takes is an operator to control the hydraulic arm and fill the vehicle. That means you don’t need any labourers to physically handle the waste. In fact they can stay away from it entirely so there is no risk.

Thirdly, the hydraulic arm allows the vehicle to overcome many access issues. For example it could easily reach over walls if necessary. This is far more efficient than having people physically move the materials to a more accessible location.

Talk to us to hire tipper grabs

Allied Plant has a great fleet of vehicles that can work on all kinds of sites. We support clients, helping them to choose the best services. So, if you have a challenging project and want to move waste away from a site safely and efficiently, rely on us.